TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards 2019 – We are a winner!

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On January 24, 2019 – TripAdvisor announced it’s winners for the top hotels in the world. This year La Fortuna won 6 awards, and were named the #8 best small hotel in the world, the #1 small hotel in Central America, and the #1 small hotel in Guatemala. We were also acknowledged for the romantic setting, and were awarded the #15 most romantic hotel in the world, #3 most romantic hotel in Central America and #1 most romantic hotel in Guatemala. Thank you to our amazing guests for their positive reviews. Can’t wait to host more awesome clients this year.

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Kayaking or Paddle-boarding

There are a number of outdoor activities while you are visiting Lake Atitlan from a short lake shore hike and paragliding. Some of them, of course, are water-related like scuba diving at La Iguana Perdida Hostel/Hotel.



We, La Fortuna, have complimentary kayaks and paddle-boards for guests. It is a perfect morning activity while the water stays calm. A lot of our guests use them during their stay before they go out to explore other parts of the lake.

This Californian couple, Jessica and Paul, who had stayed at La Fortuna recently sent us some pictures of them paddle-boarding. Enjoy!!!




Interesting Lake Atitlan Facts

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Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, attracts a great number of tourists throughout the year and almost everyone is amazed with its beauty and the peace it brings to them. We all know that it is a volcanic lake with a dozen of mayan village. What else makes the lake unique then? And are there any interesting facts we have missed out?

shapeimage_8Lake Atitlan means ‘at the water/the place where the rainbow gets its colors’ in a mayan language called Nahuati and it is in the Solola department of northern Guatemala about 3 hours away from the capital Guatemala City and 50kms west-northwest of Antigua.

The Lake is the deepest lake in Central America. It is approximately 12 x 5 km with a maximum depth of about 340 meters. It is surrounded by three volcanoes on its southern end and the surface of it is a large ‘endorheic’ lake. “Volcanic activity began in the Lake Atitlan area about 11-12 million years ago and a large crater resulting from a volcanic explosion formed in a major eruption 84,000 years ago (cited from a blog callled ‘Chickybus’)”.

The local Mayans wear their colorful traditional clothing for their own cultural reasons. Each color, pattern and design represents which village they are from and the majority of them could not imagine wearing anything else.

20150914_064309-1The author of “Brave New World”, Aldous Huxley, called Lake Atitlan “the most beautiful lake in the world” and anyone who has been to the lake would most likely to agree. The breathtaking lake view with the volcanic mountains is not the only thing the lake offers you. It has a number outdoor activities, affordable Spanish classes and cultural activities. Each town at the lake has distinctive characters and sizes.

During the Guatemalan Civil War, the lake was the scene of many terrible human rights abuses, as the government pursed a scorched earth policy. Indigenous people were assumed to be universally supporters of the guerrillas who were fighting against the government, and were targeted for brutal reprisals. At least 300 Maya from Santiago Atitlan are believed to have disappeared during the war (Cited from Wikipedia).


Coffee in Guatemala

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roasted coffee

If you have been to Guatemala you probably have noticed that there is NO Starbucks (maybe one in Guatemala City?). I bet you have seen and have been to at least one of the coffee shops (instead of a big coffee shop chain cafe) that sells freshly ground coffee grown locally.

Coffee production in Guatemala has started in the 1850’s and has been one of the main Guatemala’s income resources. The Guatemala’s highlands’ climate makes it possible for Guatemala to produce the most distinctive and finest coffee in the world. La Fortuna which used to be a coffee plantation also produces fair amount of coffee beans on our property roasted at Finca Azotea in Antigua and served with your breakfast.

Antigua is not only the beautiful colonial city but also is the most suitable place to grow coffee by its surrounding three volcanic mountains. If you stop by Antigua you can sign up for a coffee tour to learn how to grow, roast and sold worldwide. Finca Azotea has its own coffee museum and tour every day with English speaking local guide. A coffee NGO called De La Gente runs a coffee tour by appointment with a local farmer and a bilingual translator if necessary.  If you would like authentic Guatemalan souvenirs, don’t forget to buy a bag or two during the tour.


Our Amazing Food!

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guatemala 45489small

Would you like to start your day with this beautiful lake view with your breakfast served to you?

Almost everyone who has visited or stayed at La Fortuna enjoys their food with amazement with its beautiful presentation, freshness and great flavor.

The Santa Fe

Today it is all about breakfast. We serve breakfast from 7 to 9 delivered to rooms or reception/restaurant. Some of the popular breakfast dishes are Santa Fe, pine nut pancakes (picture above) served with a fruit bowl and London, fried eggs with red beans, sausages and toast (picture below). All our breakfasts include coffee from our finca or tea.

The English


No worries if you are a vegetarian or allergic to certain ingredients. We can accommodate your dietary restrictions. Just make sure to let us know in advance so that we have time to prepare.


Oh, those pictures of our gourmet food are showing how exactly our dishes presented and served.


Some interesting facts about Lake Atitlan

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Did you know that “Atitlan” is a Mayan word, which means “the place where the rainbow gets its colors”? Furthermore, Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, called Lake Atitlán “the most beautiful lake in the world”!

The lake is surrounded by a number of small villages, inhabited by predominantly Tz’utujil and Kakchiquel, modern-day Maya, who wear traditional clothing. They’re are known for their handcrafted products, including jewelry and clothing.

It is surrounded by three volcanoes on its southern end and Atitlan Lake itself is a result of volcanic activity that occurred nearly 85,000 years ago.

Come visit us and find out even more interesting facts about this beautiful lake!



Our Eco-Design Insipration

La Fortuna, Bungalow, Suite, Eco Friendly, Vacation, RomanticThe architecture at La Fortuna at Atitlan was inspired by a backpacking trip Kat and Steve took in 2009. The outdoor bathrooms are reminiscent of a bungalow they stayed at in Bali, and the roof lines are reminders of some of the gorgeous bungalows they stayed at in the Gili Islands. All the materials used in the creation of the buildings and furniture are locally sourced and crafted by local craftsmen.

The personal touches are present everywhere you look from the knick knack filled custom bar in the reception to the hand made glass beads made by Steve’s artist mom to the beautifully crafted wooden boxes made by a local non-for-profit carpentry school found in the reception building.

One of our favourite eco-design elements on the property is the stunning floating staircase in the front reception building. As a child Steve was mesmerized by the famous floating staircase in a church in Santa Fe and was so happy that he could reproduce it on the property.

la fortuna, lodge, dining room, staircase

The property features a wood heated hot tub on the waterfront which is hot each afternoon starting from 3pm.

6 Time 2015 Travelers Choice Award Winner!

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The 2015 Travelers Choice Awards were released today. La La Fortuna At Atitlan one 6 titles – #1 small hotel in Guatemala, #3 small hotel in Central America, #1 best service award in Guatemala, #3 best service in Central America, #1 most romantic hotel in Guatemala and Central America! Yay! Check it out on


10 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Guatemala

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1. Some smoking volcanoes to hike or gaze upon

Img src:

This image kinda says it all doesn’t it? Santiaguito is just one of MANY volcanoes in this tiny country, both active and not. Right now if I go out side my house here in Antigua I can see 3 volcanoes pretty close up- Agua, Fuego and Acatanengo. Fuego spewing smoke little eruptions all day long.

Guatemala also boasts the highest peak in Central America, a dormant volcano called Tajumulco. There are three active volcanoes here, and you are allowed to trek them and see some lava up close and personal, if you are brave. A fact that I thought ironic, considering how the volcanoes have been known to wipe out cities in Guatemala’s history, is that Coffee, one of Guatemala’s main exports, needs to be grown in high elevations on fertile soil. That means all the coffee economy-supporting plantations are on the slopes of volcanoes!




2. Only the best weather


I was freezing to death in Brussels in December, and it was so foggy I didn’t see the sun for three days. So I bought a ticket to Guatemala and arrive in 25c degrees, sunny weather. Even in the summer months you can get to mountain towns and it’s not too hot. A great place for all.

Guatemala is kinda near the equator, but is high enough in altitude that is isn’t too hot. At night it even gets cool enough to want a thin blanket. You can get a tan and still hot spend the whole day sweating your face off!




3. Some pretty interesting people


When I was hanging in Estonia I spent a lot of time with a Guatemalan guy. We became good friends and later I decided to go see his home country to see if all Guatemalans where that cool. They were! I am use to countries where you see a little old lady on the street and she gives the gringo a withering glare. I was pretty shocked when it was the opposite here, and their faces lit up with huge smiles and the  said “buenas tarde!”

Guatemalans also seem to take a lot of pride in their country, and love to show it off, either by showing you cool things you didn’t know about, or even by just showing how friendly and open they are there. It is rare that I encounter a whole group of people ready to just make friends with a stranger. Even my own country can learn a little something about this from the Guatemalans!



4. Great food to grub on


Just loo at that picture and you’ll buy the next flight. The other day I was at a big market and bought some home made chips. (thats “crisps” for you English weirdos) and when I later tried them at home they turned out to be the best chips I had ever eaten! I went back and bought 4 more bags and came home and made my housemates try them. They just shrugged…. They were use to them. And what goes great with these awesome nachos? Guacamole! Luckily avocados are grown locally and are always fresh and available!

Some great Guatemalan recipes include cool soups and stews. If the stews are watery they call them caldos and if the stews are thick they call them recados. In Guatemala there are plenty of caldos and recados and sometimes is difficult to decide which is which. Take Kak’Ik for instance, which is caldo that looks like a recado. Also, if you are lucky enough to be around for the holidays, it is a great idea to make some local friends. My house mate and friend’s mother cam to visit from the city and brought us some of the best tamales ever!




5. World class coffee to satisfy your fix

Untitled design

The coffee that is locally grown, harvested and roasted here in Guatemala is world famous and a favorite to coffee lovers all over. I knew this when I arrived, and decided to take a coffee tour when I was in Antigua. It was lead by a local boy whose family leased a small plantation and produced their own coffee, right on the slopes of Volcano Agua.


They let us go to their fields, showed us the bright red cherries that were ready to be picked, showed us how hard of work it was for little pay, then we took y meager sack of coffee beans to his house. There he showed me how it was put through a shucking machine, then the inner seed laid out on concrete to dry. after that there was sorting and more shucking and finally roasting and grinding. I really got a feel for how much work went into making a pot of good coffee the Guatemalan way.




6. Colorful chicken buses to love/hate


You have to hate these huge, loud school buses running all over Guatemala. They are the most comfortable thing known to man, built for 5th graders, and they pack as many people they can into them. I have never seen a driver pass up a prospective passenger. That said, these chicken buses, highly pimped out to the liking of each driver, are also a god send to locals and budget travelers. For just a few US $ you can probably get across the whole country. So the discomfort is definitely worth the cheap travel in wildly flamboyant local transportation.

But thats not all! These cheap bus rides come with their own entertainment and the convenience of buying things you need. At each stop a different sales person gets on the bus and makes their grand speach about whatever it is they are selling. from simple pleasures like snacks and drinks, to home miracle remedies, secret  vitamins, weight loss pills, the greatest lotions known to man and so on. After each speech they will walk though the bus and see who was convinced to buy the stuff. You can even get your soul saved for a small donation!



7. Great beaches to lounge


Monterrico, pictured above and on the Pacific side, is just one of the awesome beaches here in Guatemala. There are more on the Pacific coast, the Caribbean coast as well as the major lakes. Finding this out was a bit of a surprise for me, as when I think of Beaches I think of Costa Rica, and when I think of Guatemala I think of Mayan ruins. Its cool to see they have both!

Guatemala is small, so even though I spend a lot of time in Antigua, it is only a couple hours by bus to some awesome beaches and a hammock if I want to get away.


8. Beautiful lakes to plunge


Lake Atitlan was ranked as one of, if not THE most beautiful lakes in the world, up there with Lake Como in Italy. Lake Atitlan reminds me of Lake Managua with its volcanoes stooting out of it and its amazing landscape. Not many places in the world you can see this whole combination.



9. Ancient ruins to wander


Ya Ya, Mayan ruins, I was getting to it. Every one knows about Tikal, pictured above, and we all agree it deserves to be visited. But what most don’t know is there are other Mayan ruin sites besides TIkal. El Mirador is one for example, and it is huge. it is suppose to be one of the biggest Mayan complexes in Central America, but it is still mostly covered in jungle. There are tons of ancient ruins to either visit or discover for yourself.



10. Cheap and easy to get


Many Americans head to Cancun because of its nice beaches, weather and relative closeness. Not many realize though that they can just go an hour or two farther south and be in a much less touristy area with the same benefits. And flights are cheap too. From Miami to Guatemala City fo my friend the other day was about 3 hours and $400 or less. I came from Europe, and the cheap flight, 250 Euro from Brussels, brought me to Cancun, then I took buses the rest of the way to Guatemala. There is definitely a lot of cheap options to get here from around the world, and this is a really good reason to visit Guatemala!